Zombie Pre-Mixed Ready To Drink Rum Tiki Cocktail In A Bottle


The antidote to Rigor Mortis and the classic one drink limit cocktail bottled fresh and ready to wreak havoc on society.

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    This is the classic 'one drink limit' cocktail invented by the father of Tiki Don The Beachcomber. Don would hide the recipe for this drink, even with his own staff, so that no other competive bar would try and steal it! I like his style! I'm not as precious but as there are so many interpretations of this drink I have personally gone with El Dorado 3 yr & 8yr Demerara rums blended with Goslings 151 proof black rum to make it raise the dead. Then pineapple juice, caramelised pineapple shrub, passion fruit syrup, Angostura bitters, Tiki bitters and citrus.

    A smashable fruit drink that will get the party started. Keep some back for hair of the dog!

    Just pour over ice and garnish with fresh mint.

    22% ABV | Serves 7 Cocktails | Shelf life 14 days | Keep refrigerated 

    Weight: 1kg

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