Valentines Day Tripe Pouch Pack


Three glorious cocktails conceived for passion! Dare we say the perfect Valentines day purchase!

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    Three cocktails designed to tantalise the taste buds and arouse passion. 

    Rhubarb & Custard Fizz: A dandy blend of Cantium Rubesco Gin, Briottett Rhubarb Liqueur & custard syrup creates the perfect tipple to start your evening. Just pour into a flute and top with your chosen fizz and stir.

    100ml makes 2 drinks | 200ml makes 4 drinks

    Grapefruit Negroni: A perfectly balanced aromatic, citrus fuelled bitter  aperitif which is refreshing beyond belief and is made with Hepple Gin, Briottett Grapefruit Liqueur and Hotel Starlino Rose Vermouth. Just pour over ice and garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit. 

    100ml makes 1 drink | 200ml makes 2 drinks

    White Chocolate & Strawberry Snowball: A classic that has been re-imagined for a dessert cocktail. For best results, but not essential, a cocktail shaker is required. We use creamy Ramsbury vodka to create a liqueur with Belgian White chocolate and French strawberry liqueur from makers Merlet. Add a free range egg to a shaker with 50ml of white chocolate & strawberry liqueur. Dry shake to emulsify, then hard shake with ice. Pour half a glass of fizz, then strain the melded liqueur into the glass and stir. 

    The egg free version would be to keep the pouch in the fridge, then pour it into some fizz and stir.

    100ml makes 2 drinks | 200ml makes 4 drinks

    Weight: 1kg

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