My Story

This year I turned 52, and in drink years that makes me 34 years young! I have always worked with alcohol, whether in pubs, bars, restaurants or the theatre industry. Alcohol brings people together and helps us on our ride through life, and my job is to help make that drinking experience as memorable and pleasurable as possible.

So, in 2019 I launched Cocktail In A Bottle. My aim was to simply help bars & restaurants that didn't sell cocktails to embrace the culture and incorporate my pre-mixed cocktails into their drinks offering. I did this through bespoke menu development and staff training. It felt good to help venues deliver quality cocktails to their customers quickly & consistently. Then a virus came along and the drinks industry changed forever.

I love educating people about cocktails, so I'd always be running master classes in how to mix a perfect Martini, or create a vintage rum punch. So Cocktail In A Bottle became a consumer led business all of a sudden. My job was now to create pre-mixed bottled cocktails for people to enjoy at home, and with that, to help my customers appreciate the liquid in my bottles. 

So, my journey now continues with me developing relationships directly with the home drinker, as well as with the venues I work with. 

It's important you know that I do this job out of love and joy. Nothing pleases me more than to share what I love with my customers. Does that make a difference? Yes, my customers seem to think so.

Cocktail In A Bottle is about what I do to make a drink taste like something worth paying for. So no short cuts. No compromises. Just a job well done.

Who wants a drink?

Cocktail in a Bottle