Mexican Stand Off Bottled Premixed Margarita Cocktail In A Bottle


A riff on a Margarita blending 4 Mexican spirits to create a fabulous mouthful of fine agaveness.

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    If you love a Marg, boy are you gonna love this! I've blended four Mexican spirits together with Agave and citrus, to create a drink that is so confident that it doesn't need to fight. It's a peacekeeper for sure. Nothing to see here folks except a damned good expression of Mexicana!  I've blended Sotol which is made with the Dessert spoon, a cousin of Agave, along with Blue Agave tequila, Mezcal and Chilli Liqueur and sweetened with Agave nectar.

    How to make: Either shake with ice and strain up into a coupe or pour the whole lot into a glass and garnish with lime. Salt rim the glass if you go in for that kind of thing, but I just love the taste of Mexican spirits, and this does the job for me.

    24% ABV | 500Ml | Makes 5 drinks

    Weight: 0.125kg

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