Kentish Martini Bottled premixed ready to drink Martini Cocktail In A Bottle


A Martini made with Kentish Cantium Gin and English Vermouth

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    Oh Bright Young Things...To be able to enjoy a crisp aromatic Martini at a pour is something to behold, and is available right now, but made with award winning Cantium Gin and Schofield's English Vermouth from those clever Asterley Brothers.

    Cantium (Roman for Kent) Gin is packed full of Kentish botanicals such as cobnuts, roasted chestnuts, lavender, apples, blackberries and hops! When blended with Schofield's English Vermouth which is made with English Bacchus, Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc wines infused with around 30 botanicals it becomes a rather complex and satisfying Martini!

    To make this drink, put the bottle into the freezer for an hour along with your chosen glass, then simply pour into the glass and garnish with a swathe of lemon peel. Express the lemon oils over the drink and rim the glass so that you get the fabulous aroma and taste of lemon as you go to drink.

    32.5% ABV | 500ML | Serves 5 Drinks

    Weight: 0.5kg

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