Q: What do you mean by 'fresh to order'?

A: It means that when I receive your order, I then source the ingredients and make your cocktail. So it's not already sitting in a warehouse having been made. Therefore it will take a day or so longer than normal to reach you.

Q: What does Ready To Drink mean?

A: It means the finished drink has been blended, diluted to strength and is ready to pour and enjoy straight from the bottle, unless other directions are given. This saves you time allowing you to enjoy a great tasting drink immediately.

Q: Why are your cocktails higher in ABV than most other pre-mixed cocktails?

A: I didn't set out to be different by making my cocktails stronger. I just make the cocktails that I would like to drink as if I was sitting in a good cocktail bar and they are therefore stronger. I trust my customers to know the difference.

Q: Can I make a special request and have a cocktail made for me that is not on your list?

A: Yes, I can do that. I'd love to do that! Just get in touch by email.

Q: Can I sell your drinks in my pub, bar or restaurant?

A: Yes I operate a friendly, open consultancy that is designed to provide you with a tailored experience to enable your customers to enjoy quality cocktails. This includes menu development, staff training and the sourcing of glassware etc.

Q: Do you run events?

A: Yes I do. I run cocktail master classes and events that promote a greater understanding and appreciation of spirits and cocktails. I run these privately and in the community.

Q: I'm a business, can you create a branded cocktail for my business or a special gift box for Christmas or for events?

A: Yes, because I create bottled cocktails for a living, I can consult with your businesses to create bespoke pre-mixed cocktail products for any occasion or celebration.