Demonstration - Participation - Inebriation

Group cocktail making master classes either in your home or at a venue of your choosing!

With my masterclasses I bring a wealth of knowledge blended with raucous fun and of course delicious tasting cocktails! 

In The home

Whether you are hosting a party or a celebration I can create an environment for you to help rise to the occasion with an evening of combined cocktail making, discussion and imbibing. 

I will set up a station in your designated space with a minimum of 6 participants, and it can be themed around your interests and preferences, or you can work with me to design something special.

At A Venue

If you are a business or a private customer, you source the venue, and discuss with me the logistics of your event and what you'd like to achieve and I will deliver that and more :-)

Previous Masterclasses have been:


The costs vary on numbers, and what masterclass you want me to provide. A 2-hour masterclass will include all liquid, materials and equipment. Additional travel costs will be applied based on the location. 

If you are interested in me hosting a cocktail making masterclass please email me at