Cocktail Gift Set


The gift set contains three delicious cocktails chosen by you!

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        This gift set contains three beautifully hand crafted cocktails. Each bottle is 200ML serving two drinks in each. Every product has a shelf life of up to 3 months in the bottle and does not require refrigeration.

        Choose from the following eleven products:

        Karl's Kentish Martini: Made with Cantium Kentish Gin, English Dry Vermouth & Orange Bitters

        Chesterfield Old Fashioned: A riff on the classic made with bourbon, cognac, rare tobacco liqueur, smoked tea syrup and decanter bitters.

        Mexican Standoff: A riff on the Margarita using 4 Mexican spirits.

        Karl's House Negroni: Exactly that, my flavour profile, rich, deep and aromatic.

        Chocolate Orange Negroni: A festive twist on the original

        Bergamot White Negroni: Clear, aromatic and sweeter than it's red bitter sibling.

        Karl's Espresso Martini: ISC 2020 Award winning cocktail made with Italian Amaro as a key ingredient.

        Dexter's Dancehall Punch: A Jamaican punch made with cherry wine, rum and Caribbean liqueurs.

        Rock Candy Manhattan: A riff on the classic made with Rock & Rye and candied fruit.

        Cake or Death?: A Black Forest Gateaux in a glass.

        Weight: 2kg

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