Cigarettes & Coffee Pre-Mixed Ready to Drink Bottled Espresso Coffee Cocktail In a Bottle


An award winning Rebel Espresso Martini made with bourbon, tobacco and mezcal. This drink comes with an awesome Spotify playlist!

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    **Winner: Joint 2nd place World Pre-Mix Awards; The World's Best Contemporary Cocktail 2021**

    A 'Rebel' Espresso Martini style drink created to pay homage to the Otis Redding song of the same name. This drink is for those who love to stay up late in good company.

    The base of the drink is premium Woodfood Reserve Kentucky bourbon. The 'cigarette' element of this libation is made using a quality small batch liqueur that is made from the rarest and most ancient tobacco in the world called Perique, which grows on the banks of the Mississippi river. It has beautiful leathery spice notes and is completely safe to drink. It is made naturally using ancient processes by craft absinthe distiller Jade.

    The coffee element uses freshly roasted Arabica espresso enriched with a whiskey Barrel Aged stout reduction from Kent Brewer Time & Tide. Quiquiriqui Mezcal adds another depth of smokiness. 

    This cocktail can be made in 30 seconds. Pour 100ml into an ice filled shaker and double strain into a cocktail glass or coffee glass.

    Playlist: I've created a playlist for this cocktail. Head to Spotify. Search for my name Karl Wozny  - Look to my play lists. Select 'End of Play' - Knock up a cigarettes & Coffee cocktail. Play. Drink. Play.

    500ml | Makes 5 Cocktails | 21.3% ABV
    Allergen: Caffeine | Storage: Cool dark place, refrigerate once opened for best results. 

    Listen to the song! 

    Weight: 0.15kg

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    • J Mcdonald


      Easy and superb

      We have been selling Cigarettes and Coffee for the past few months and has been going down well ever since. Easy to make, stress free and no loss of flavour!