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Cocktail in a Bottle

Hi I'm Karl, I've been batching cocktails for over 10 years in the drinks industry and in early 2019 I launched Cocktail In A Bottle to bring quality pre-mixed cocktails to the trade and into people's homes.

Due to Covid this niche market has become extremely overcrowded very quickly so it's important you know what I stand for. As a small independent business I work with integrity to produce cocktails that deliver on flavour and provide a memorable drinking experience.

Every cocktail is made fresh, by hand, by me, using 100% natural ingredients and spirits of the highest quality. My customers appreciate this and continue to demand the very best from me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm known for my eclectic seasonal range, punchy flavours, fresh ingredients and generosity of spirit to champion the products I choose to work with.

I look forward to serving you! 

Craft cocktails in a bottle